Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bon Voyage, Tim

Celebrated my birthday last night in Brooklyn at a farewell party for a new photographer friend, Timothy Briner, as he embarks on his Boonville, USA odyssey in August. Tim, who grew up in Indiana not far from where I grew up in Michigan, will travel to six different Boonvilles spread across the country to explore life in small town America. Congratulations on four years of fund-raising and dedication to make this six-month photographic journey come to fruition. It's wonderful and inspiring to see a big smile on a young photographer's face.

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Alex L said...

Ms Tema
Hope your bday was grand. Perhaps you are vanishing from mi vida? I know you have a lot going on.
I like this photo of Tim - he is full of life. I want to see you soon to give you a bday hug and a gifty. I am having probs at the beach shack so was consumed by that this weekend.
I also have met someone who is keen to meet you - not sure re type. xo
Ms. A

ps what is a booon ville??