Tuesday, September 18, 2007


White Parrot
Pinellas Park, FL
February 2007

This welcome wave of reconnecting with old friends keeps rolling in, and I also discovered two blogs coming out of Minneapolis this week. Written by Matt Olson, rolu/design, is full of great imagery and observations concerning art, design, architecture and the landscape. When I lived in Minneapolis, Matt wrote music and performed with a minimalist music ensemble called Smattering, with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating on two multi-media art events at The Cowles Conservatory of the Walker Art Center along with another visual artist based in Minnesota, David Hamlow. I appreciated seeing some photos on Matt's blog reminding me of these experiences we created combining photography, video, drawing and live musical performance within this gorgeous and ethereal glass space.

And writer friend who moonlights as Evilyn Garnett has also started posting short versions of her essays and some strange pictures of birds on her new blog, Satan With Sinus Trouble.

I also finally linked up to some blogs whose discussions of photography and art-making and the art world have been informative and inspiring to me.

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