Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thank you ...

Well, I made it out of the panel discussion alive and in fact, truly enjoyed the dialogue with Amy and the other panelists. Thank you to Amy Stein for leading our discussion and thanks to Cara Phillips, Mary Mattingly, Sarah Small and Dina Kantor who filled in for Rachel Dunville.

Thanks also to the 3rd Ward and Ladies Lotto as well as Jon and Amani and the rest of Humble Art Foundation for facilitating the exhibition and event.

Also, thanks to my friends who shared their experiences and insights as women in the art world and beyond when I contacted on them on Saturday afternoon to help me prepare for the discussion: Alex Loria, Suzy Poling, Heather Willems, Agnes Dahan, Athena Waligore, Debbie Grossman, and Corinne Dolle.

And thanks to those friends who showed up, despite my neurosis.

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