Tuesday, May 12, 2009


nofound(bedroom), a collective portfolio of images by international photographers, is scheduled to be released this month. This limited-edition book published by Kaugummi Books was the curatorial project of Emeric Glayse, based in Paris, who also maintains the nofound website ("Photographers whose work I love").

Emeric asked photographers to contribute one image of a bedroom. I sent him a photograph of a room at the City Center Motel in Provo, Utah - the site of one of the Gary Gilmore murders in 1976.

Other photographers who contributed images to the book include Henry Roy, Tania Theodorou, Chris Taylor, Agnes Karin Thor, Jeremy Liebman, Alec Soth, Alessandro DiGiampietro, Irina Rozovsky, Andra Chitimus, Andrew Phelps, Asen Ognyanov, Christina Maria Oswald, Chris Heads, Dana Goldstein, Elkie Vanstiphout, Knotan, Erika Svensson, Vincent Delbrouck, Jackson Eaton, JH Engstrom, Lina Scheynius, Julie Pike, Mihai e acolo, Olivia Jeczmyk, Tod Seelie, Vincent Ferrane, Philippe Gerlach, Maximilian Haidacher Kur, Monika Bielskyte, Rikki Kasso, Paul Herbst, Olivia Malone, Marianne Mueller, Raul Hofer Torres, Yiki Liu, Ryan Foerster, Margot Herster, and Osvaldo Sanviti.

Images from the book can be seen at: nofound(bedroom)

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