Wednesday, September 23, 2009

culturehall news

Every two weeks, culturehall selects the work of four members for the FEATURED WORK section of our homepage. For the current issue, I browsed culturehall's archives to look for engaging images that collectively suggested a cinematic noir narrative. Louise Noguchi's falling cowboy recalls the glamorized violence of western films, while Sara Applegren's mysterious nighttime road from her Telling Stories series brought to mind David Lynch's dark highways. Lilly Lulay's elderly elisabeth takes on a sinister dimension - perhaps, the blurry and embroidered mug shot of a granny killer from a true crime episode. And Matthew Rose conjures the danger and allure of car culture with his Road Sign created in the pop art spirit with wood, paint, glue and a cutter.

culturehall will be inviting artists and curators to select work for upcoming features, so drop by for more highlights from the archives as well as new work by artists contributing portfolios to the site.

culturehall is also continuing to expand its list of ARTIST RESOURCES, our collection of international blogs and websites that provide a range of compelling information about the arts. This list of resources has the potential to be a great tool for artists, writers, educators, curators and the like to locate diverse content about the arts in a single, organized online environment. Recent additions to our list include Art Fag City, which was awarded the Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant in 2008, and ROLU, an exceptional and elegant blog about art/architecture/design/music and culture that has attracted a world wide following.

As a result of my own involvement as an artist in culturehall, two of my gas station pieces were recently discovered and leased by Warner Brothers Television Silver Cup Studios for a scene in an upcoming episode of the series, Gossip Girl, scheduled to air on Monday October 26th. As someone who is entirely out of touch with television and perhaps too dependent on the Internet to inform my reality, I had to google the program to find out what it was all about: Gossip Girl. Hmmm ... sounds a lot like my life in NYC. If someone can burn me a disc of the episode, I'd be much obliged.

Blow Back, by Louise Noguchi

Side Scene #1, Telling Stories, by Sara Appelgren

elisabeth, by Lillay Lulay

Road Sign, by Matthew Rose

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