Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Artist's Talk at Tyler School of Art

I will be giving an artist's talk this Thursday November 12th to students in artist and instructor Leeza Meksin's critical theory class at Tyler School of Art. The talk will take place in room TA 126 in the art building at 2001 N. 13th Street in Philadelphia beginning at 12:30pm. Students in other departments are welcome to attend.

In the afternoon, I am planning to check out some photo shows in the area. Thanks to a tip from photographer Alex Segreti's great new blog, Wish You Were Here, I hope to see Personal Views: Contemporary Photographic Portraiture in Philadelphia at Gallery 339 including work by Justyna Badach, Rita Bernstein, Jessica Todd Harper, Andrea Modica, Nadine Rovner, Sarah Stolfa and Zoe Strauss.

I'd also like to visit the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center where there is currently an exhibition called Next: Emerging Philadelphia Photographers. I have included an intriguing image by Danielle Bogenhagen which I found on the gallery's website. Her image brought to mind Sarah Pickering's blazing rooms from her Fire Scene series - a poster of one of these rooms on fire is hanging in my kitchen from her phenomenal 2008 exhibition at Daniel Cooney Fine Art Gallery .

copyright Danielle Bogenhagan

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Alex said...

I didn't think of Sarah Pickering's work but now that you mention it, I definitely see the connection...both great artists. Wish I made it to the show at Daniel Cooney last year - Sarah Pickering's work is fantastic!