Saturday, July 17, 2010

August apartment sublet/share

I will be out of town more than half of August and I'm looking for someone who is interested in subletting my apartment for all or part of the month. I would be willing to rent it by the week to someone interested in spending time in New York in August, or rent it for the month to someone who would share it with me for part of the time. Please contact me to discuss possibilities and prices.

More info about the apartment:

It is located on Graham Avenue about five blocks from the Graham L-train (near Williamsburg/Greenpoint). It takes less than fifteen minutes to get to Union Square in Manhattan. It is a charming block with a laundromat, a bakery, a cafe, a nail salon, a hair salon, two delis, two vintage stores, a French restaurant, an Italian restaurant - everything you could possibly need.

The apartment is an older railroad on the third floor of a small building. There are three rooms - a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom/office. Plus a little bathroom with a shower and a tub. The apartment gets sunlight on both ends and the general aesthetic is very retro.

There is a double bed in my bedroom as well as a futon that folds out into a double bed in the living room, so it is practical for extra guests.

Other amenities include: wireless internet, air conditioning, old tv/dvd player, stereo/music collection, art books, and photos.

I would love to find a friend of a friend to stay here, or someone who can assure me they are entirely trustworthy and responsible. Artists, students, international visitors are all great.

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Allison Browning said...

It looks so cute! This time next year I will come stay!