Thursday, October 28, 2010

AOL 25 for 25 Grant Recipient

I am very excited to announce that I have been awarded an AOL 25 for 25 Grant. AOL awarded 25 grants of $25,000 to "creative-thinkers" - artists, journalists and innovators. In their words, grants were given to "individuals with a spark to ignite – the next generation of culture shapers and influencers."

Please see a list of the 25 recipients: AOL Artists

Thank you to AOL and the members of the Advisory Board, including Adam D. Weinberg, Director, Whitney Museum of American Art; Chrissie Iles, Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art; Andy Spade, Partners & Spade; Rafael de Cardenas, Architecture at Large; Kim Hastreiter, Paper Magazine; Christian Viveros Faune, Village Voice; Glenn O’Brien, Writer; and Jen Bekman, 20x200.

Thank you to Toxico Cultura's Founder & Director, Gabriella Gomez-Mont, and Culturehall's Founder & Director, David Andrew Frey, for writing letters of support. Thank you to both for providing opportunities to collaborate with them on their amazing projects and inspiring me with their passion and their generous spirits.

Thank you, always, to my parents for their love and support and for their careful proofreading. Thank you to Jessica for bringing so much joy into my life and for inspiring me with her dedication to human rights advocacy for the international LGBT community and with her infectious optimism.


nina said...

Congrats! Well deserved!

Liz Kuball said...

Fantastic, Tema! I'm so happy for you!