Friday, July 8, 2011

The Chain

'Balance' (set by Ye Rin Mok) - photograph by Tema Stauffer

Stuart Pilkington (curator of The Alphabet Project and the 50 States Project) invited 107 photographers from around the world to participate in The Chain, a series of photographs responding to a title set by the person directly behind them in a chain of photographers. The title they set inspired the photographer in front of them.

I revisited Frye, a disc jockey whom I discovered in the parking lot of Dreamers Video Store in Austin on Christmas Day in 2009. I asked the photographer in front of me, Bieke Deporter, to consider 'oversaturation' - a condition to me that is not just about color density in photography - but also about life in New York, life in the arts, life in the wide wild world of images and the internet. Bieke made something deep, dark, beautiful, and serene.

Please see 105 more links in the chain here: The Chain

'Oversaturation' (set by Tema Stauffer) - photograph by Bieke Deporter

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Gabriele said...

I like this one a lot. There is the balance of the verticals and the horizontals, there is the blue and the red, and then you'd really like to know more about this person (at least that's how I feel). I also like the next picture - it's always fascinating to see how many possibilities there are in photography. Great project!