Friday, June 22, 2012

Girls Who Smoke at The Picture House

Girls Who Smoke, a short film directed and co-produced by Tawny Foskett, screens on Sunday, June 24th and Thursday, June 28th at The Picture House in Pelham, NY. Filmed on location in Asbury Park, the film is adapted from Jenifer Hixson's story originally told at The Moth and later on This American Life. According to the director, Girls Who Smoke "has a slice-of-life, realistic feel, and is a simple story; essentially a long walk home by our main character, Jenny, and set against the background of domestic abuse, the working class and small town America."

Most members of the creative team are women, including the award-winning German cinematographer Sanne Kurz, producer Laurie Rud, associate producers Melissa Levins and Tawny Foskett and art director Irina Arnaut.

Kristin Taylor (Jenny) and Loren Lockwood (friend) star as the girls who smoke. From spending the day with her new friend, Jenny learns that her life may not be as bad as she thinks and finds strength within herself to make big changes.

The 15-minute screenings precede the Sunday 6:30pm and Thursday 7:30pm showtimes of feature film Damsels in Distress, also starring female leads.

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