Saturday, February 16, 2013

PAUSE at Foley Gallery

Eva Fazarri from All That Remains 

Foley Gallery presents a week-long group exhibition of photographs by six artists who graduated from Pratt: Eva Fazzari, Peter Riesett, Rachel Longosch, Austin Nelson, I-Hsuen Chen, and Liang-pin Tsao. According to Allen Frame, these six photographers "stalk the space of nowhere, anywhere, and somewhere and arrive 'here' in the eerie calm of Pause, their exhibition of photographs depicting lives and landscapes on hold, barren, bleak, forgotten, anonymous, abandoned, and random.  Their views of the world are rooted in memory and marked by transience.  They are travelers poking into voids, looking at emptiness, examining the anxiety of unresolved questions.  The artists are melancholic progeny, gazing at the family tree after it's been chopped down, and unfolding maps to forgotten places."

The exhibition includes selections from I-Hsuen Chen's Nowhere in Taiwan series that was featured in Culturehall's New Artists Feature, Winter 2012.

Foley Galley
97 Allen Street, New York, NY
February 26 - March 3rd
Reception on Wednesday, February 27th, 6-8pm

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