Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lecture on Paterson, New Jersey at Ramapo College

Photographs by Tema Stauffer, George Tice, and Martha Cooper 

I’ll be giving a presentation on Friday, November 7th to an art history class at Ramapo College on photographic representations of Paterson, New Jersey over the course of several decades.  The lecture combines selections from my portrait series in Paterson with images from George Tice’s Paterson I and Paterson II, as well as documentary photographs by Martha Cooper, Susan Levitas, and others shot for the Working in Paterson Project in the archives of the Library of Congress.  This collection of around 4,000 photographs shot in Paterson in 1994 studies ways in which community life and values are shaped by work and how the theme of work intersects with themes of family, ethnicity, gender, neighborhood, and change over time.  Thank you to Professor Meredith Davis for the invitation to speak to her class and to George Tice for contributing additional Paterson images from his publication, Seldom Seen, for this occasion.

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