Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back in NYC

I got back last night from an eerie journey through the deserts of Arizona and Utah. I spent some nights at a friend's house on a Navajo reservation in Kayenta, Arizona near Monument Valley, those ancient and spooky red rocks, and made drives through Colorado City, Hildale, St. George, Provo, Orem and Spanish Fork in Utah and across the eastern border to Ship Rock, New Mexico.

My rolls of film are processed already, and I can see reversed fragments of broken cars, motels, gas stations, churches, houses, dead animals, dead trees, streets, skies and a few faces from this strange part of the country with a dark history of violence and religious fervor.

More on that in a few weeks when some of this film is scanned ...


rosenlof said...

yo yo yo

i can't wait to see them. it sounds like very Tema-esque (is that a legal descriptor?) imagery.

hope yo're well!

your buddie
mo mo mo

nina said...

looking forward to seeing some of those!