Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning

I am settled back into my Brooklyn apartment after the journey home with Paris. Thank you to everyone who sent messages, comments and even a postcard ... your compassionate words meant a great deal to me. I am happy to report that Paris adjusted incredibly well to my parents' house and seeing him come back to life in a kinder place after his struggles in New York brought an enormous sense of relief to me. Despite how much I will miss having him with me, I feel absolutely certain that it was the best decision for him and that he will live a longer and more peaceful life in Kalamazoo.

As for our road trip together, we made it to Niagra Falls and spent a night at The Sunrise Inn on Niagra Falls Boulevard. It wasn't quite the romantic experience I had hope for, as the driving and dislocation left Paris up all night crying and stumbling around the room in the dark, and me curled up on the bed, exhausted and heartbroken. But I am sure we weren't the first or last pair to spent a rough night together on the boulevard.

Now I am starting the next phase of my life, loving my dog from afar, getting ready for jury duty tomorrow, looking ahead at the rest of the summer and hoping I can finally take some photos again soon.


myanthony said...

Tema- I love you and I love Paris.

Tema said...

Tony - We love you, too.