Sunday, September 21, 2008

Main Street

Main Street
Binghamton, NY
September 2008

If America slides into a depression, or even if it doesn't, can I be Walker Evans or Dorothea Lange ... pleeeease? If the government has spent $700 billion on the war and might spend $700 billion more on bailing out Wall Street, could it set aside just a little funding for a photo project examining the effects of the economic decline and job losses of the last half-decade on a vast number of Americans? Is it selfish of me to think that way at a time like this?

One can at least dream while working a day job and listening to horror stories on the radio ...


Liz said...

I just told a friend that the government should reinstate the FSA and send out a bunch of photographers to be 21st-century Dorothea Langes. I'd apply for that job, for sure.

nina said...

The above Portrait is beautiful and I think this would be an amazing project for you.
I think you should apply for a Guggenheim fellowship or some other grant that allows you to capture these times!

matt olson (molu of rolu) said...


if you'll use it as you say... and you have to promise... i'll give you $700 billion for your proposed work.


Tema said...

Somewhere between $7,000 and $70,000 would be plenty ... and I promise!