Sunday, October 26, 2008

Graham Avenue

Drawing in Journal
October 2008
Karol Radziszewski

Pawel and Karol left for Poland today and they will be missed! I loved waking up to the sound of two boys murmuring softly in Polish in the middle room and all of us drinking coffee together in the mornings. Every year, I start a new journal with names and addresses and random notes, and my goal is to ask a different artist to decorate the first page with my own information in case it ever gets lost and someone is nice enough to return it to me. So Karol left me with this cool drawing to break in the journal for 2009. Karol covers entire walls of rooms and galleries and subway stations with these drawings, bringing to mind the work of Keith Haring.

Having Pawel and Karol as guests was so much fun, it occurred to me mention that I have a room to rent very cheaply to people passing thru New York City. So if anyone reading this knows someone who needs a place to stay for a few days or a few weeks at a time, and doesn't mind the limited privacy of a railroad apartment, please put them in touch with me!


Urbanopolis said...

I read an older post about your worries over middle America over this election. It seems fears have turned into hope as blue is creeping about the north central states. Though as always I feel the sting of the recent McCain Lakeville and Des Moines rallies as signs we are still not out of the dark ages of xenophobia.

Tema said...

I was excited when McCain pulled out of my home state, Michigan, earlier than expected as there is increasing support for Obama given the economic challenges and job losses. My father got to see Obama speak in Grand Rapids the same week. In Kalamazoo, where I grew up, one of my close friends said there are Obama signs in almost every yard. And I hear great things from friends in Minnesota about the efforts you are making out there.

Thanks for writing and I'll look at your blogs.