Saturday, October 11, 2008

Revisiting America

from Boonville project
copyright Timothy Briner

from Boonville project
copyright Timothy Briner

This Wednesday, an exciting and timely show opens at the Bond Street Gallery curated by the gallery's new director, Amani Olu. In light of our current political and economic climate, Revisiting America aptly draws from work by a number of talented American photographers who have examined relevant themes of consumerism, corporate development, technology, manufactured landscapes and what remains of small town America.

One of the photographers whose work is included in the show is both my friend and current teaching assistant at the ICP, Timothy Briner. I have been avidly following Tim's Boonville blog since he set off last summer to explore small towns called Boonville across the country for nearly a year. Part of what makes Tim's blog so compelling is the combination of his passion and sincerity, as well as his ability to share the internal and emotional process of making a body of work. Five prints from his Boonville project will be exhibited for the first time on Wednesday, and I am excited to see some of the fantastic results of his labor.

The opening of Revisiting America falls on the night of the final debate between McCain and Obama, so I plan to get there early to begin a long night of absorbing the complex and unsettling state of American life. I noticed in the last debate that Barack Obama quoted George Bush after 9/11 encouraging Americans to shop, a sinister statement also noted by another participating photographer, Brian Ulrich, when he talks about the motivations behind his series, Copia/Retail, which depicts zombie-like shoppers in big-box stores.

Other participating artists in the show include Jon Feinstein, Justin James Reed, Mathhew Gambler, Angie Smith and Michael Vahrenwald.

Revisiting America
Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 15th, 6-9pm

Bond Street Gallery
297 Bond Street
Brooklyn, NY


Paul Pincus said...

justin james reeds work is fantastic.

sounds like a great exhibit.

i'm going to take a look at timothy briner's work now.

cheers, tema!

Paul Pincus said...

ps if you can catch the james castle show at pma, you's truly beautiful : )

Tema said...

Thanks, Paul. I don't know that I'll be making a trip to Philly anytime soon, but I read a bit about Castle on the web and looked at some of his pieces.

I have to make a flag for a friend's project and I found his use of materials inspiring. Especially since I am poor and I can't sew. Burlap and string may be the way to go!

Paul Pincus said...

hi tema:

when you possess and control the kind of incredible talent you have, you can't be poor!!!


tema said...

Gosh - thanks for the most unexpected pep talk! You're awfully sweet.