Monday, January 5, 2009

Emerging Photographers Auction at Daniel Cooney 2009

Nathan, Boonville
copyright Timothy Briner

Morning Fog Lift in Bali
copyright Nina Buesing

Untitled from Sukiyaki Western
copyright Walter Lockwood

copyright Jon Feinstein

Finally, I am back in the city after what felt like a long stretch of flights and car rides and bus trips and family and old friends and lots of food and freezing cold weather. My brain feels sluggish, and I am re-adjusting to that unique energy and stimulation and high anxiety that is New York City.

I looked at my first rounds of proofs at the lab today for my upcoming exhibition with Francesca Romeo at Daniel Cooney Fine Art which opens on February 19th. This month, Daniel Cooney is presenting another Emerging Photographers Auction with work by a number of friends and peers including Timothy Briner, Nina Buesing, Jon Feinstein, Shane Lavalette, Carolyn Monastra and Shen Wei.

The auction ends on January 21rst, so that means there are just a little more than two weeks left to bid on great work by emerging photographers.

Also, Daniel was recently interviewed by Photo District News and offers some interesting advice to emerging photographers about being involved in a supportive community and showing a commitment to making one's work, and how this might organically lead to opportunities for exhibitions and relationships with galleries. You can find his comments here: Daniel Cooney's Emerging Photographers Auction & Thoughts on the Fine Art Market.


nina said...

thank you for posting about the auction and welcome back!

Dan Cooney said...

Thanks Tema, Can't wait for your show!