Friday, January 23, 2009

Today's Flak Photo

White Horse, Riverview, Florida, 2007

Thank you to Andy Adams for bringing my White Horse to Today's Flak Photo. I found this mysterious creature - the daughter of a celebrated show horse - nearly two years ago on desolate farm near Gibsonton, a legendary town in Florida's swamplands where carnies and circus freaks spend their winters.

Taking this photograph was without a doubt one of the most romantic experiences of my life. My white horse ran up and down the driveway, towards me and away from me and towards me, and what passed between us felt like curiosity and shyness and wonder and beauty all at once. For that moment, I was fully alive and present in my dream world. Breathless, stunned, exhilarated.


mark said...

beautiful image...and it's nice to hear your account of taking it. i'll write more soon.

nina said...

I was photographing a running white horse today and of course thought of you.
Thank you again for this beautiful image!!
And congrats!

Paul Pincus said...

i've been thinking about this photograph forever. i think i first saw it in a post on art fag city. i just commented on white horse in your current post above. how AMAZING to hear the back-story!

now, i'm really obsessed.