Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Matt Olson

A humble homage to one of my favorite photographers, Andrew Bush, and one of my favorite bloggers, Matt Olson. Matt is the brain and passion behind ROLU, a fantastic blog about art, architecture and design that has gained an international audience.

Matt and I are old pals from the four and a half years that I lived in Minneapolis. His background is in music, and I collaborated with his minimalist ensemble, Smattering, on two multi-media events at the Cowles Conservatory of the Walker Art Center.

I finally got to see Matt for the first time in fours years after corresponding through emails and keeping up with one another's blogs. It has been extraordinary to see his landscape and design company, rosenlof/lucas, grow and thrive along with his writing and documentation of art and design on his blog. Matt's enthusiasm for artists and designers is expansive and infectious, and I find myself discovering and appreciating all kinds of things that might never otherwise land on my radar.

Today is my last day in Minneapolis, and tonight, I fly back to Austin. I've had a great time catching up with friends here like Matt. And thanks to heavy doses of Caladryl, Benadryl, Hydrocortisone Cream, and Prednisone - I am almost human again - hoping I can survive the next few weeks back down there in the woods and water.


Paul Pincus said...

i love matt's blog!

ps i've never been called elusive before!!! ... i have been called deceitful, cold, obnoxious, magnanimous, aristocratic, kind, and bleeding-heart, but never elusive! go figure! ; )

matt - rolu said...

tema, you are amazing. i hope your summer away from the city is filled with all the stuff we know makes journeys worth taking. here's a pic i took of you!


thank you for the kind words.