Monday, January 18, 2010


Dreamers Adult Video Store
Austin, TX
Christmas Day, 2009

I stopped to take photographs in the parking lot of Dreamers, and it felt serendipitous that Frye got out of his car and happily agreed to step into the picture. Thank you for making my Christmas Day. Frye told me that he was a DJ in a strip club in Dallas and he was in Austin for the night. He was as spontaneous and likable as they come and tried on different outfits that he pulled from his car. It felt like we could be friends - like we were friends.

Frye is the first person I have photographed to invite me to be his friend on facebook. Welcome to my neurotic world of facebook, Frye. Is yours as compulsive, voyeuristic, riddled with temptation and torture as mine? Who and what do you spy on? What landmines lie in your past and present, occupying this single space?

Until we meet again in Texas, let's stay in touch here. Let's be less alone together. Let's hope each other's dreams come true. Let's take care of each other when they don't.


Susana said...

nice Tema! I am digging that hair and wish more washington types sported that hairdo! There is definitely enough grease down here to support it, but most of it ends up in people's palms and not there hair!

Justin said...