Sunday, January 10, 2010


Brooklyn, NY
January 2010

January brought a surprise visit from an old and dear friend, costume designer Melanie Ree. Melanie and I met in Minneapolis in May of 2003 and those wicked sexy eyes of hers cast a spell on me - perhaps you can see why. Now almost seven years later, we are keeping warm in my Brooklyn apartment - drinking pots of coffee and watching movies and sharing stories about our similarly rocky love lives (sometimes ex's make the best friends ever). Melanie brought with her from Minnesota a black wig, blonde wig, fur coat, fur cap, sunglasses and two suitcases full of accoutrements. Like everyone who holes up here for a while, she got her picture taken by the kitchen window, the only place where there is a stream of light.

Please see some of Melanie's wild and one-of-a-kind corsets, couture and fashion on her website:

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