Friday, November 30, 2007

About This: The ICP Faculty Exhibition

I am excited and honored to have a piece included in the ICP Faculty Exhibition which opens tonight in the Education Gallery. When I moved to New York in the summer of 2005, I brought along a New York dream to teach at this incredible institution, and was amazed and terrified when this dream came to fruition in the winter of 2006. I spent my first many months in this city feeling like a cross between Dorothy From Kansas and Joe Buck, and still do much of the time, but my involvement with the School of the International Center of Photography has given me the opportunity to form meaningful relationships within a vital photographic community and to participate in an ongoing dialogue about photography.

The current installment of ICP faculty exhibitions explores the potent relationship between image and text. The works exhibited here use text in a variety of ways: to tell a story that may not be visible in the image, to undermine the conventional reading of an image, or to provide the viewer with extended interpretive information. The combination of image and text produces dimensions of meaning that would not be generated by either alone. And the artists' use of both visual and written expression provides insight into his or her motivation and process.

Curator: Stuart O'Sullivan

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Timothy Briner said...

Congrats!!! Wish I was there...