Friday, November 9, 2007

White Tigers

White Tigers
Kissimmee, FL
February 2007


BigCatRescue said...

The White Tiger Fraud
Did you know that the only way to produce a white tiger is through severe inbreeding of brother to sister, father to daughter and mother to son?
Did you know that there is no such species as a Royal White Bengal Tiger?

If you didn't know that, don't feel bad, you were deceived just like millions of others. Read on to learn the truth about white tigers, white lions, tabby tigers and other genetic aberrations.

To see a 5 minute video clip about the rescue of the white tiger on this page, some baby cubs and others click HERE.

mark burnette said...

I took my kids to a small zoo at Natural Bridge, VA last week, and the main draw was a white tiger. I felt bad for it; such a large, beautiful animal trapped in a 20x20 ft. cage, sleeping the majority of the rest of its life away. It's odd how we apotheosize/plasticize things that we've largely destroyed in real life. That's part of what I was thinking about when I took the shot of the tiger heads on my Oct. 30th post. I found them in a little shop in Pearisburg,VA beside a row of Native American chief heads. I thought the tag beneath added some humor and highlighted the oddness of the plastic heads. In any case, the main comment I wanted to make is that I'm enjoying viewing/thinking about your photos.