Tuesday, April 7, 2009

culturehall news

Omar, Western Sahara, 2008
copyright Brandon Hale Holmes

Garage, Sheridan County, ND, 2007
copyright Brian Lesteberg

Founder, David Andrew Frey, and I have been busy making new developments to culturehall, an online curated space for contemporary art. We have recently added new artists and established an ARTIST RESOURCES section to culturehall's homepage listing some of the international blogs and websites with whom we have established relationships. We are currently featuring ArtWranglers and TransitLane from Australia, Brask Art Blog and Erik Sjodin from Sweden, Lalande Digital Art Press and Store Front Windows from France, Phillineum from Norway, Little Paper Planes from San Francisco, and one of my personal favorites, We Can't Paint, an excellent blog about photography written by Noel Rodo-Vankeulen from Canada.

Some of the artists who have contributed portfolios to culturehall are David Smith, Brian Lesteberg and Brandon Hale Holmes. David Smith's current exhibition, Before and After at HQ Gallery in Brooklyn, is featured on culturehall's FROM THE COMMUNITY SECTION of our homepage.

Brian Lesteberg is a young and talented photographer based in Minneapolis. His work was published in 25 Under 25: Up-and-Coming American Photographers, Volume 2 released this spring by powerHouse and CDS Books at the Center for Documentary Studies. While I was still living in Minneapolis, Brian shot an unforgettable series, Raised to Hunt, about his experiences growing up in a culture of hunting in North Dakota. He has since further explored northern environments in his more recent projects: Places of Worship, Portraits of Home, and The Broncos of Miles City.

Brandon Hales Holmes was formerly a student of mine in a class I teach at the ICP, Photographing the Everyday. He was recently accepted to SVA's MFA photo program for the fall of 2009. Among his various projects are 97 Days in Egypt, shot on a journey last summer, and Junction, shot in his home state of Texas. Brandon, who is also an exceptional writer, maintains a blog about photography, in motion.

David and I are excited to have these three artists involved in culturehall's community and we look forward to adding more new artists in the upcoming weeks.



Love Brian's work. Posted at Store Front Windows...


Tema said...

Great, Matthew. Thanks for the support.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Just wrote about it on my end. Good luck with the project.