Friday, April 17, 2009

Last Week

Tema Stauffer at Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Francesca Romeo at Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Our show at Daniel Cooney has been extended one more week and now closes on Saturday April 25th. Showing next at the gallery is an exhibition of drawings by Jason Francavilla, Rubens Ghenov and Michael Whittle from April 30th and May 30th, followed by an exciting summer salon of work by photographers Juliana Beasley, Felix Cid, Bradley Peters and Rebecca Sittler Schrock, opening June 25th.


Paul Pincus said...

the installation looks fantastic.

i wonder if anyone is going to document what happened to the families of the victims in that horrific shooting in binghamton!?

eugene richards's cocaine true, cocaine blue just came to mind ... who knows why.


Tema Stauffer said...

The civic building where the shootings occurred is near the high school on Main Street where I spent a lot of time driving in the fall searching for subjects. One of the victims was the mother of a high school friend of Daniel Cooney, who grew up in Binghamton, and both Daniel and I found this tragedy extremely sad and eerie.

nina corvallo said...