Monday, February 2, 2009


I have recently become involved in an interesting project researching international artists and art blogs for an art site called culturehall.

culturehall was founded by artist David Andrew Frey to promote emerging and established artists by creating an on-line community and curated space for contemporary art. It is also a resource for professionals in the arts as well as the public to discover artists’ portfolios.

Participation in culturehall is FREE for artists, however, inclusion on the site is by invitation or accepted submission only. The goal is to maintain a high caliber of work on the site to better serve selected artists.

I will be assisting David Andrew Frey in making curatorial decisions about artists to include in culturehall’s community – particularly, but not exclusively, artists working in photography.

Artists who are interested in participating in culturehall are encouraged to contact me directly via email with information about their work, which I will review with David before making final selections.

You can find my portfolio as an example here: Tema Stauffer


Paul Pincus said...

congratulations on culturehall. i loved the site ... i think in this case it's wonderful that it's not too inclusive ... to maintain a high caliber, as you said. there is a lot of fantastic work on culturehall. i've bookmarked it.

i just know once things clear up for me this year i will own a couple of works by tema stauffer. i've had my eye on white horse, of course. it's a masterwork. gas station, tampa is a great photograph. it hits me. jonathon, main street, johnson city, ny breaks my heart in the way one of my favourite peter hujar works breaks my heart.

xoxo, -paul

Tema said...

Paul - you're the best.