Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank you ...

Our show opens tonight! And it is time to give thanks to the people who made it happen:

Thank you to my friend and soulmate, Anthony, who provided some inspiration for this series and who flew out from Minneapolis to celebrate his birthday and to join me at the opening.

Thank you to Daniel for believing in this work and for giving me the opportunity to exhibit this series in a his amazing gallery. And thank you to Brett for introducing me to Daniel.

Thank you to Francesca for sharing this experience with me and for being so awesome to communicate with along the way.

Thank you to Alex for her friendship and pep talks. Thank you to Jonathon for his friendship and tech support. Thank you to Emily for her friendship, writing and insight.

Thank you Matt for the passion and enthusiasm he brings to his blog and my own and for the advice when it comes to matters of the heart.

Thank you to Kiko, whose teenage years were inseparable from my own and whose friendship remains for life - thank you for contributing to the production of the work.

Thank you to Keith at Laumont for his hard work and patience in making the exhibition prints.

Thank you to Ruben for his energy and enthusiasm and for the efforts he has made to understand and to support this series.

Thank you to Cara and Amy of WIP and Nina of Nymphoto for the efforts they have made to support my work and the work of women in photography.

Thank you to my parents for their love, support, faith and guidance.

Thank you to Barbara and her mother, Donna, for sharing their home and their hearts with me in Binghamton.

And thank you to the young men in Binghamton - Jacob, Jonathon, Johan, Justin, Matthew, and David - who gave a part of themselves and their stories to these photographs.

Thank you all for making this possible.


nina said...

Thank you, Tema! And congratulations again!

ruben said...

You deserve it!
Have a grand time tonight!

Ellen Rennard Photography said...

Congrats, Tema!

Alexandra said...

You go gorgeous!!! we all love you! Brilliant, stunning artist tha you are. xo