Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sun Kissed - A Documentary

I recently became aware of a team of filmmakers trying to raise funds to complete a documentary about the last effects of American colonialism on the Native American community. Co-directed by photographer and filmmaker, Adi Lavy, and Maya Stark, Sun Kissed tells the story of the lives of the Sandoval family whose daughter, Leanndra, harbors a genetic disorder that makes any exposure to sunlight fatal. This rare disorder can be traced back 150 years to the most traumatic and defining moment in American history.

The production team of Sun Kissed is facing financial challenges in moving forward with their project and continuing to shoot in New Mexico. They are racing against time, as their subject, Leanndra, is very sick and her days are numbered.

The team is seeking support from organizations, foundations and private investors. They are also asking for donations as small as $5 - $10 from anyone who can help.

Information about the film, including a trailer and how to give support, can be found here: Sun Kissed Productions

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Stephan said...

This looks like a great film, I hope they pull through and it gets finished.