Saturday, February 21, 2009

GLBT Gallery Tour

GLBT Gallery Tour
Daniel Cooney Fine Art Gallery

I had the pleasure of speaking briefly about my work at Daniel Cooney this afternoon to a group making a gallery tour of shows including GLBT artists. Led by Rafael Risemberg, Ph.D., former gay studies professor and art critic for the NY Blade, the group meets once a month to visit and to discuss exhibits of interest to the GLBT community.

More information about the tours can be found here: New York Gallery Tours


Paul Pincus said...
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Paul Pincus said...

i've changed the link to daniel cooney fine art gallery ... an idiotic mistake on my part!

i blame too much work and too many ambien-tylenol 3 coctails.


Daniel Cooney said...

Tema, I forgot to tell you but some of the people came back because they couldn't get in the gallery during your talk. Time for a bigger gallery i guess!